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Our doors are open to all who wish to improve themselves for the sake of their people. 


Lerien, Sep 18, 09 12:01 PM.

We will be using Lumiel for our server as that is what Aion Roleplayers has decided on for the un-official RP server.

A fond welcome home

Ataen, Sep 6, 09 1:54 AM.
  My friends, my family, my kin, my selves separate but connected... I bid you welcome!  Though we know that these brief separations strengthen us and deepen our bonds with eachother, it is always a joy for me, and for many of you, I know, to return to eachother and reconnect, learning and living anew.
  As always, our lovely leader is eager to gather us once more and share everything we can, and I know many of you are excited both to share your triumphs and to revel in the triumphs of your old friends.  I can assure you that this first gathering will be quick in coming, and wonderful in its scope!
  I have grand news, as well - it has been determined that we shall no longer be merely a group of fellows meeting in wilderness and lakeside to share what we can.  Arete of Asmodae has been welcomed as a special-interest group among the great guilds of Pandaemonium, and so we shall endeavor to become both a moving force in the life of our brothers and sisters, and a powerful business interest providing crafts, wisdom and strength of arms to our people, and most especially to the Legions.
  Please, everyone, be aware of the newer crowd who have risen to join us - they deserve our welcome and I ask, as always, that we make a special effort to make them feel as such. 
  To further add to this good news, the announcement must be made: our mistress, Lerien, has been welcomed into Aion's warm embrace as one of the Daeva!  Be certain to ask her to show off her wings, next time you see her!
  On that note, to old and new both, I offer this reminder: that while many among us are blessed to be Daeva, this is not through our own will or strengths, but through the grace of our mighty Aion, and so we cannot count the advantages we get from this transformation as part of our arete.  A human who has spent all of his life mastering a skill is equal to a daeva who has done the same - no matter how much more the daeva knows through virtue of his longer life and unique powers.  Take great pride in your accomplishments, of course, my kin - but do not denigrate others for their failures.  We are here to learn and grow, and as nearly all of us know, we learn as much or more from our failures as from our successes.
  I shall be eager to talk to each of you privately, before or after the great gathering - please, do not hesitate to find me, for I shall not be hesitating to look for you!

  Yours, in good faith and kinship,
    Ataen, Grandmaster of the Blade
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